Jake Stoddard

Jake Stoddard

Read for fun and intrigue, but beware…

Jake Stoddard’s indelible fantasy will entertain. But it may leave a mark on your soul.

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Hike Home

Brother and sister lizard folk search to escape deadly hills before sunrise.

A short story available to Havok members.
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Rescue the Princess

The princess has disappeared! Can you find her and save her from a terrible fate?

Enjoy a text adventure game with a stranded merchant, a savage ogre, and a fairy slug.

The Princess and the Plague

Princess Vetta hides her father’s senility from the court, determined to keep the kingdom stable while her people battle invaders. But when she is kidnapped, she learns of an entirely new threat that is sure to destroy the kingdom. Can she escape her ruthless kidnappers so she can return to her father and become the queen her people need?

A novella coming in late 2024.

The Burning Blood

Fleeing his past, young red dragon Lyslan has a hard time controlling his anger. But when he’s bullied, can he hold back his rage long enough to keep from repeating a mistake?

A short story destined for publication in an anthology.

More news to come.